Recruiting SaaS Software Engineers

There can be no doubt that SaaS has provided a massive leap forward in terms of providing advanced software to all levels of business. And, in terms of recruitment this advance has created super targeted niche markets for sharp recruiters to operate within.

Specialist Recruiter

Today I take a look at specialist recruitment agency Harvey Thomas and their approach to this vibrant but ever so slightly dangerous market place and their special place within it.

I talked to owner and Managing Director Jon Eyers.

It’s the Monday morning after the final game of the rugby six nations and Jon, a huge rugby fan, is clearly not impressed by Engalnd’s performance in losing to the Irish the previous saturday.

“Way below par”, he scowls, if my consultants performed like that, I, as the owner and manager, would have to put things right pretty quickly” a sneaky smile breaks out!

“I think Eddie got it wrong, but hey after 17 wins on the trot I think I can excuse him that”, he smiles again.

Software As A Service

So, Jon, we should be talking recruitment of software engineers in the SaaS and PaaS markets! Tell me, what makes the niches you target so different.

“Good question”, he says as he takes a sip of tea, “we target something quite specific, in that we only place into the Pre-IPO and Venture Capital start up businesses within the Software as a Service and Cloud Computing arenas”, he says.

Isn’t that a bit dangerous?

“Interesting point, I don’t think it’s dangerous because there are always good ideas and new ideas. There is always someone with an idea for a new service that can be provided via the cloud. And, if one thing fails, another starts and there is always a demand for staff, particularly technical staff. So, from the recruiters perspectuive, it is a good market because there tends to be a higher level of churn. It’s the nature of thbe beast so to speak”.

Natural Churn In The Market

“And, of course, that churn, provides more opportunities for us as recruiters. We also work in a slightly different way, yes, we keep our finger firmly on the pulse of the market and know what is going on in terms of new start ups and existing developments, but we also keep very close to our candidates. This tends to flag us early if a company or project is not going the way it should. Because we know the market so well, we can then get an advantage in knowing when and where to move candidates on depending on their skills”.

“It’s like a big melting pot and we have to keep mixing and matching it. The entire thing is so fluid”.

Interesting. What is the success rate of these new start up companies.

Start Up Failures

“I’m not sure if I’m honest, we don’t track that, maybe we should. But the truth of the matter is that we’ll have an idea of how successful a project or start up will be once we have people on the ground within the tech teams. For the most part, if the idea brings benefits to potential customers in terms of cost savings or efficiencies, then the company tends to run”.

“However, the people we place will keep us in the loop, but again, that is because we are dilligent, even fanatical about keeping in touch with our candidates. As I said earlier we tend to become their “career managers” and that gives us a lot of information, and, in this market that information is power. It gives us a massive advantage over the competition and is why we win so big in our target market”.


Thanks Jon, that is a brilliant insight into how to run a niche recruitment agenct in software engineering recruitment.

If you want to recruit saas software engineers recruitment for your start up of pre-IPO company, then you can get in contact with the team at Harvey Thomas on the link above.