How To Master Affiliate Marketing

If you can master affiliate marketing on the internet, your future looks bright. Successful affiliate marketers can earn several thousand dollars a month in commission just from selling other people’s stuff, and if you’re savvy enough to sell something that requires a recurring fee, such as access to a membership website, that means you can get recurring commission every single month from one product.

Affiliate marketing is now widespread across the globe, with an estimated £1 billion generated in the UK in 2015, and more than $3 billion in the US. Global household eCommerce giants Amazon are one of the more famous and sophisticated affiliate marketers, making huge amounts of revenue by selling other people’s products.


The affiliate marketer is the third-party person in the middle between the producer or provider of a product or service, and the customer, responsible for marketing, advertising and selling goods or services, without the responsibility and overhead costs of producing and developing a product.

If you’ve decided you’d like to try your hand at the increasingly popular affiliate market, your first step is to decide what type of product you’d like to sell. Nearly every product out there, whether physical or electronic, offers an affiliate marketing scheme for internet marketers who can sell via their websites and internet networks.

When you’re starting out, a good rule of thumb would be to market a product you’re interested in, or know a lot about. So for example, if you love fishing, angling products could be your thing. Your existing knowledge of the market will tell you a lot about what anglers want to buy, at what price and why.

Selling Digital

Digital products, such as online training slides, books or PDF guides, and audio or video products, are also a great start-up idea as there could be something to interest everyone, and sales distribution is easy and relatively cost-free with instant online delivery.

Products to market are now straightforward to find, with websites such as Clickbank offering thousands of digital products to sell, from every conceivable market area. If you’re looking for physical products to market, CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) is a great site to check out, offering a treasure trove of affiliate marketing products, guidance, networking and performance tips.

Sophisticated Affiliate Program

And of course Amazon, as mentioned before, offers a sophisticated affiliate network program, giving you the opportunity to sell almost anything for them as an affiliate or a partner.

If you’re confident and have some experience of affiliate marketing already, you may want to exploit the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) technique. In some popular markets such as muscle building or dieting, you don’t even have to make a sale to get your commission. All you have to do is get an interested prospect to fill out a form, and you could receive hundreds of dollars of commission just for one hot lead. This is a preferred tactic for experienced affiliate marketers – or ‘super affiliates’, as they’re known.

However, the one drawback of this strategy is the potential difficulty of novices being authorised to promote by the aggregrator websites, and may call for persistence when trying to get accepted into this market.

Educating Tips

There’s plenty of good information out there to help you learn more about affiliate marketing, and how to become successful as an affiliate marketer even if you begin with no experience or knowledge at all.

For example, Big Commission Blueprint from Dean Holland is an excellent starter kit for would-be affiliate marketers, guiding you in a structured task-based process from knowing nothing at all, to becoming a practised pro at generating thousands in affiliate commissions.

Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops looks into researching your target audience and attracting qualified prospects to your email list and ensuring they convert with the help of powerful psychological sales techniques.

Fine-tuning Your Skillset

As you carry on down the journey to earning a living from affiliate income, you’ll soon realise that by fine-tuning a few techniques that you haven’t totally mastered yet, can bring in potentially thousands more in income a month. That’s when products like Niche Reaper by Matt Garrett, a slick keyword research tool that will help you attract more precisely targeted web traffic to your affiliate pages, will come in useful.

Good luck on your journey of discovering how to make a significant income online using affiliate marketing.