Hiring to Succeed

There is one type of organisation that businesses need from time to time which are essential to a company’s success and growth. Expert recruitment agencies who know a client’s business inside out and which have a team of professional consultants who recognise exactly what type of talent a client needs are worth their weight in gold.

Recruitment agencies are crucial to their clients’ success and have the power to direct the most effective and appropriate human resources on to their team of employees. Once most businesses find an efficient and empathetic recruitment agency, who thoroughly understands a client, their market niche and the skills and qualifications they require, they hang on to that agency for life.

Loyal Clients

Intelligent People, a specialist recruitment agency for product management, digital marketing and eCommerce recruitment, based in St Albans, UK, has many long-standing and appreciative clients who have been on their books for a number of years. The agency was founded in 2002, when co-founders Doug Bates and Chris Mason broke away from their jobs recruiting for IT staff for City investment banks to create their own recruiting company.

“One of our very first clients was a fledgling eCommerce company new to the UK who needed staff with, at the time, quite unusual skills and an appreciation of how to make an Internet retail site work,” says co-founder Chris. “One of our client’s main challenges then was overcoming resistance to shopping online, which today is much more commonplace.”

“We may forget strategies like this today, as most of us have bought something online and the techniques that the eCommerce retailers use is something we’re used to now,” chips in the other co-founder Doug. “But a major obstacle then was getting customers’ trust, and getting them to realise that they can shop online safely and securely. Online retailers also had to let potential buyers see as much as possible what the goods looked like before purchase, as back then we were all used to seeing a product in a physical shop before purchase.

“Our clients needed intuitive and innovative people to devise ways of giving potential customers visibility of what they were buying and reassurance that it would be of a good quality and could be returned easily if it wasn’t what the customer was expecting. So this required lots of online photos and sometimes videos, previous customer reviews and the offer of a no-quibble refund policies with distribution and return logistics to support them.”

online shop

Because Chris and Doug found this start-up retailer the right people to hire back then, the company has grown to become a household name, and still send all their job requirements to the recruiters at Intelligent People as they are confident they will come up with competent, skilled and enthusiastic candidates.

“We still have a number of clients from our early days, who are looking for inspirational candidates who can work in innovative areas as technology develops,” Chris comments.

“So we’re all used to the Internet now and buying online, but communications and ways of doing things are still dramatically evolving to exploit new technologies. The area of marketing for example, has drastically changed as communication with potential customers is online, via a huge variety of channels, some mobile and moving all the time.”

Buy Anywhere

Chris and Doug tell me that there are more opportunities and more time now than ever before to sell your product to consumers. Owning mobile devices means that we are always targets for buying something, and we can be located anywhere with geo-targeting techniques via mobile apps or mobile browsers. Imagine it’s an unseasonably hot day and in you’re in a certain area of town. An alert flashes up on your mobile device telling you that a nearby cafe is offering discounts on its cold drinks and ice creams, but hurry, this only applies in the next two hours. You’ve been identified as a frequent customer and tracked by your mobile phone’s geotargetting abilities! But all the same you don’t mind, you’d love an iced coffee and now here’s your excuse!

Innovative techniques like this are also breaking down customer resistance to marketing messages. In this example, it’s a welcome message and not being forced on you by an intrusive cold-calling sales agent. The recruitment team at Intelligent People keep on their toes and up-to-date with all digital technologies so that when a client gives them a job spec, they understand the know-how to look for.

And as every company should know, the organisation is only as good as their employees. And that’s why the fate of many businesses lies in the hands of skilled and expert recruitment agencies.

For more information on Intelligent People, go to http://www.intelligentpeople.co.uk/ or visit them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/IntelligentPeopleRecruitment/